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Because laughter is stress leaving the body

If you enjoy our Facebook pages (Emergency Services & Military Humour), then you will love Shits & Giggles!.

This unique eMagazine gets sent to your inbox once every two weeks (on a Friday) and contains all the:

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which we don't share on Facebook (or that we got asked to take down). Whether you are in the emergency services or not, then all are welcome - regardless of which Country you are in

If you are a 'civvy', then Shits & Giggles will give you the never-before-seen look into the world of humour in the emergency services. 

But don't just take our word for it though about how good Shits & Giggles really is. Here's some feedback we have received from subscribers:  

"Keep up the good work with shits & giggles, its kept me entertained and excited to join" [the police] - GS

"They've even gone all out to provide more hilarious wisecracks and be the ultimate wind up merchant with their sister project called ''Sh**ts and Giggles'' an e-magazine for the more controversial stuff. Keep up the good work guys and girls! Great page! Xx" - SA

"I'm an EMS from the States, and I love the British sense of humor. From the thin red line" - AG 

"I have no idea who your anonymous bloggers are (obviously) but they are the kind of colleagues I want on my shift!" - NJ 

"the only thing keeping me sane in a land where we've just discovered our Bariatric Ambulance is overweight - it'd be funny if it wasn't proving to be such a pain in the arse - so I have a lot to be grateful to you guys for!" - MC

"love shits & giggles by the way keep up the good work" - KD

"Just got the latest shits and giggles. Loving the confessions bit. Like Simon mayo only better. Problem is I'm sat in a coffee shop here in ********  pissing myself laughing and everyone is staring at me. More of the same please guys and please keep up the great work. Love it." RS 

"Shits and giggles literally makes my day. When I'm having a bad day and I see the shits and giggles email pop up. I just know I'l be smiling like a maniac in no time. Today was a prime example very tough day on the job. Left me needing a very big cheer up and well shortly after "ping" and there is shits and giggles! The best laugh out loud I've had since the last shits and giggles. For anyone after a decent laugh definitely worth the subscription!!" - LB

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