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If you enjoy our Facebook pages (Emergency Services Humour & Military Banter), then you will love Shits & Giggles! It contains all the content that we do not share in public

This unique eMagazine gets sent to your inbox once every two weeks (on a Friday) and contains all the:

  • Pictures & MEMEs
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  • Funny/weird/serious Stories
  • All the commentary from our team of covert Admins
  • Behind-the-Scenes "activity"
  • Inter-services (& overseas) Banter
  • Anonymous blogs from the front line
  • + much much more

which we don't share on Facebook (or that we got asked to take down). Whether you are in the emergency services or not, then all are welcome - regardless of which Country you are in

If you are a civilian, then Shits & Giggles will give you the never-before-seen look into the world of humour in the emergency services & armed forces.

ALL subscribers / contributors will also be invited to join our closed Facebook Group called: 'S**ts & Giggles VIPs' where you can meet other like-minded banter fanatics

"Keep up the good work with shits & giggles, its kept me entertained and excited to join" [the police] - GS

"They've even gone all out to provide more hilarious wisecracks and be the ultimate wind up merchant with their sister project called ''Sh**ts and Giggles'' an e-magazine for the more controversial stuff. Keep up the good work guys and girls! Great page! Xx" - SA

"I'm an EMS from the States, and I love the British sense of humor. From the thin red line" - AG 

"I have no idea who your anonymous bloggers are (obviously) but they are the kind of colleagues I want on my shift!" - NJ 

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